Painting Tips For Walls With A Fireplace

fireplace wall paint

Interior brick, whether in the form of a fireplace or an exposed wall, can either make or break a homeowner’s decorative scheme. The reason behind this is how brick walls usually make spaces seem smaller and darker. Fortunately, you can transform an old-looking fireplace with new paint and some molding. Here are a few easy […]

Faux Paint Finish Options For Your Space

faux wall paint finish

What Are My Faux Paint Finish Options? Faux paint finish is a type of decorative art finish for your walls that replicates the appearance of stone, wood or marbles. This can be a great option if you’re looking to experiment on your walls. Though faux paint finish originated from replicating materials such as marble and wood […]

Transform Your Room By Painting The Ceiling

Your ceilings may not get as much wear and tear as your walls, which is why most people don’t do ceiling painting. They are also typically painted a neutral color. However, you can transform a room by getting a little more adventurous with your ceilings.  Contrast Contrast is often desired with ceiling painting. Ceilings are often […]

5 Ways To Paint And Personalize Your Front Door

  Personalizing and decorating your front door is arguably one of the most understated factors in home décor. There are many possibilities to personalize and paint the entrance to your home. Here are some ways to notch up your exterior designs and represent your style through your front door. Door painting is our favorite way to help your […]

Tips to Consider While Painting Your Garage Doors

Garage doors can be a pain to paint. They are often a neglected part of your house with years worth of dust and dirt and wear and tear. If you think it is about time you give your garage door a fresh new coat of paint, here are some tips to consider while painting your […]

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